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What Is Credit History?
Your credit history matters — not just to you but to banks, credit card companies, employers and others. Find out why. See the numbers…

Credit History Mistakes
There are credit history mistakes, and then there are "credit killers." Creditors know the difference. Do you? Here’s why…

Your Computer Safety Checklist
Keeping a computer safefy checklist handy can help you avoid credit fraud, identity theft and other electronic dangers. Here’s how…

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Members also enjoy added security and savings with:
Internet Security
Panda Internet Security Software
Secure your computer and personal information from viruses and hackers that can crash your system, erase your hard drive, and steal your personal data.

Identity Restoration Assistance
Access to Licensed Investigators
If your identity or personal data are ever compromised, a team of Licensed Investigators will work on your behalf to guide you quickly and effectively through every step of the complex processs of restoring your name to pre-theft status and to its rightful owner — you.

Kiplinger's Your Family Records Organizer
CD-ROM Software
Keep all your important records and documents safe and secure with Kiplinger's Your Family Records Organizer, an easy-to-use CD-ROM that can help you stay organized and protect your personal information.

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